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Company Goals
Acorn Technologies is a consulting firm that focuses on bringing business and IT goals into alignment.

Our mission is to ensure our clients receive the benefits of small company attention-to-detail with large company results. We thrive on new customer challenges, providing solutions in the most cost-effective manner.

Small Enterprise, Global Reach
Although Acorn Technologies is a small corporation, we regard ourselves as a full-service consulting company. Our goal is to provide specialized services in several focused areas, rather than trying to be "all things to all people".

Our strengths are in our highly skilled and experienced team members who are focused on continued growth and success through a unique focus on customer needs. We pride ourselves on the proven ability to provide customers with highly personalized products and services.

As project demands dictate, we partner with other skilled organizations both large and small in order to not just meet, but exceed our customers' requirements and expectations.

About Acorn Technologies Inc.
Enterprise Security Management: The integrity of your information must be protected. We offer a suite of security solutions to identify risks while balancing protection costs and benefits. Security audit and assessment services include general controls review, network security analysis, and penetration analysis.

Technology and Information Convergence: The convergence of voice, data and video technologies offers new ways to expand your reach with your employees, customers and business partners. We design, engineer and implement the best complement of wired and wireless communications and networking products and services. Find out more about our service.

Enterprise Management Solutions: Powerful software tools integrated with business process improvements increase your capacity, efficiency and productivity. We offer a range of services including systems implementation, customer training and support.

Internet Solutions: Internet solutions must be flexible and future-oriented to meet your evolving business needs. We help develop your Internet strategy, select the web services you need, integrate new technologies with your business, and implement sophisticated Internet marketing strategies.

Enterprise Security Management
"How secure is our organization's information?
   We need to identify potential risks and strengthen our defense."

Threats to your information come from outside and inside your enterprise. The increasing reliance on information systems and data heightens your need for security. A security audit and assessment may be the only objective way to determine your risk.

Acorn Technologies Enterprise Security Management provides a unique perspective when assessing and ensuring your organization's information security. We combine our strengths in audit and assurance services with technical expertise as certified auditors and information security professionals collaborate to safeguard your enterprise. Our business-focused services balance the costs and benefits of your information security program.

We offer a suite of security solutions to protect your enterprise, including:

  • General controls review – General controls protect your data processing environment. We review controls relating to physical security, access, backup, contingency planning, administration and other operational responsibilities. Information system policies, procedures and standards are evaluated and deficiencies identified.
  • Network security assessment – We take a snapshot of your network architecture and evaluate internal and external threats through physical and logical access to network services. We provide defensive strategies that fit your business environment.
  • Penetration analysis – Every 20 seconds an attack on an enterprise network occurs. We use sophisticated intrusion detection tools to "hack" into your network to identify and eliminate points of weakness. We also check the viability of your network operating systems protection.

Technology and Information Convergence
"We need to make the most of our technology investments.
   Today's decisions must support tomorrow's direction."

Convergence means developing and delivering integrated solutions that help you compete today and lay the groundwork for tomorrow. Acorn Technologies brings together certified industry, process and technology experts who engineer and implement solutions integrated with your business.

Our team has expertise in wired and wireless voice, data, and video communications systems and in emerging network and Internet technologies. We pride ourselves on getting the job done. Acorn Technologies approach encompasses essential planning and hands-on project management to guide your initiatives through implementation and beyond. Technology and Information Convergence services include:

  • Strategic planning – A solid strategic plan defines your direction. We help you prepare for change and leverage future opportunities through a plan that includes situation analysis, business objectives, financial impact, and a technology roadmap.
  • Communications audit and review – We assess your current systems' capabilities, network configurations, levels of service and operating expenses to achieve the greatest return from your technology investment.
  • Integrated communications solutions – Cost-effective voice, data, and networking solutions help businesses stay connected. We design, engineer and implement integrated information systems and network strategies that improve communications within and outside your organization.

Enterprise Management Solutions
"We need to eliminate the islands of information within our company and get
   on-demand access to company-wide information."

Acorn Technologies can help increase your capacity, efficiency and productivity by integrating powerful software tools with business process improvements. Acorn Technologies enterprise management solutions are designed to provide you the business tool you need in the areas of:

  • Procurement
  • Project costing
  • E-commerce
  • Customer relationship management
  • Inventory management
  • Service management
Service offerings:
  • System Implementation Services — Our business experts, project managers and technical specialists guide you through business analysis, process documentation, software installation, setup, data conversion, training and support.
  • Process Improvement — We develop and implement practical strategies for process improvements that get the most from your systems.

Internet Solutions
"We need a web strategy that makes it easy for our clients to
   communicate and do business with us."

Acorn Tecnologies solutions are flexible and future-oriented to meet the needs of your customers, employees and business partners as you evolve with the technology landscape. We offer the following Internet Solution Services:

  • Strategic Planning — We will help you develop a strategic plan that incorporates your current position and charts a path that will help you achieve your business goals.
  • Web Service Selection — We assess your needs and help you choose the web services that are right for you.
  • Integration Services — Coordinating web services is a complicated endeavor. We integrate web services to give you access to all your organization's information through one browser.
  • Marketing and Technology — Marketing and technology used to function independently. We encourage clients to integrate the two worlds and reap the benefits of a more sophisticated strategy.

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